Savings and delayed gratification

So Luther has had a chore chart (which you’ve seen before) for quite some time and it looks like this:







We’ve now decide to build on this foundation.

Luther now earns a poker chip (chore chip) every time he completes all of his chores for the day.  (He puts them in his special little chore chip jar and every time he adds one he insists we pour them out and count them.)

So why is he so interested in the number he has?  Because he can now spend those chips on fabulous prizes!


(We’ve thought of a few more to add to the list like baking a cake, going to the park, etc. )


Now we’ve just added to it AGAIN.  Luther now has his own good deed punch card.  Any time we catch him doing something wonderful, or if we ask him to do something tricky and he does it straight away (with no complaining) we can punch his card and on the 5th punch he earns another chip!






We also include a lunch note in his lunch bag every day (it’s amazing how many free printables you can find online!  But more on that later….)  I think every now and again when he’s been particularly wonderful we’ll tape a surprise chip to his lunch note.

Hopefully this will teach him the importance of saving for a delayed gratification.  (Something I’m TERRIBLE about – I was always the kid to eat the marshmallow 2 seconds after the tester left the room. (A marshmallow in the hand is worth two in the bush!))

So far so good… but I think we might have set ours “prices” too LOW.  I think they’ll need adjusting soon, especially now that he can earn chips more quickly.  I’ll keep you posted!!







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