Where are all the decent people?

I want to believe in karma, I really do.  Andrew and I are good people who let other motorists out in traffic, have never made a fraudulent insurance claim and who always hold doors open for people.  But we don’t seem to have the kind of luck that one would associate with this kind of ‘good living’.

Most recently, we took our car into Peacehaven Tyre Centre in (shockingly) Peacehaven.  We had them replace the two back tyres and use the best of the two to replace the spare.  Everything was going fine until they went to close the boot and it wouldn’t latch.  They worked on it and had to put washers under the latch to raise it up.  Once I got it home and Andrew looked at it he realised they had over-tightened the spare tyre nut causing the bodywork to buckle… that’s why the latch no longer reaches.  We took it to our body shop who confirmed and he gave us a quote.  We took it to Peacehaven Tyre Centre and they took it (and Andrew) to their bodyshop. Even their own guy said, “What did you do, over torque it?”


However, they are now refusing to take responsibility for it and won’t pay the £250+VAT to make it right.  I’ve had to call up my insurance company and the Motor Industry Code of Practice people.  This is so ridiculous for such a relatively small amount of money.   There is no other way this body damage could have been caused and now we are spending loads of time and money trying to get it sorted.

Why don’t people just take responsibilities for their own mistakes?  The world would be a lot better off if we all did that.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed.  Andrew and I don’t have the £250+VAT to fix someone else’s mistake so I’m hoping they come through in the end.






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