It’s a BOY!!

We’re having a boy, we’re having a boy… YAY!!!! (click to get the full size) Crap. Now we have to come up with a boy’s name… NOT EASY! Any ideas?? All (real) suggestions welcome!

Sex? No thanks, we’re British.

We had our final scan on Friday. Unfortunately, the baby was being very modest and we have no idea what the gender is. This means that we won’t find out until the birth! Oh well. So much for planning! But as long as it’s healthy we honestly don’t care either way. (Although we only have […]

Nuchal Fold Translucency Scan

Try saying that three times fast! We had our Nuchal Fold Translucency Scan (the scan to test for Downs) and everything seems fine. It wasn’t easy to come to that conclusion, however!! Our appointment was at 1pm in London, but I insisted on leaving early as you never know about the trains, etc and I […]

2nd Ultrasound

Today we had our dating ultrasound and everything still looks good! More like a baby, which is nice. Roughly the size of your thumb. And it even shook it’s bum and waved it’s hand — which was AMAZING!! Due date the same as my math based on our conception date: 08 July 2007. But as […]

1st ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound today. It was an internal and Lisa nearly broke Andrew’s thumb off as it felt like the technician was trying to skewer her bladder. But the good news is we are definitely having a baby (or a blob with a heartbeat that will eventually be a baby) and there is […]