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  • Photos, photos, and more photos!!

    Photos, photos, and more photos!!

    I’ve started a new project. (I know what you’re thinking … “oh yay… another photo she has no intention of finishing” and you’re probably right.. but it’ll be fun until it crashes and burns!!) Head on over to for a photo-a-day diary of my year. If you want photos, this is where you get […]

  • June background

    June background

    June background as promised. I stole the “hello June” bit from another background from Smashing Magazine … so I take absolutely no credit for the wicked 3D text. I only made one for side task bars this month .. sorry if you’re uncool and have it at the bottom. As always, be sure you download […]

  • What on earth is going on!?

    What on earth is going on!?

    Ok — if you’ve been on this evening you’ve probably seen our website try on about 5 different formats including this one.  We’re in the process of redesigning so things are going to look a bit… odd for a while.  Please bear with us!