I am definitely going to die.

Andrew and I are still trying to work out the balance now that I’ve started my new crazy-hours job.  Unfortunately it means Andrew spends many hours each week just driving to drop the kids off and pick them up which is also impacting the hours he’s able to spend in the office.  On Thursdays and Fridays he has to drop Luther off at preschool at 9:30 and then drive Rosie to Grandma and Grandad’s house.  Obviously he doesn’t get into work until very late on these days.   I’ve since been wracking my brain to try and figure out what I can do to help him.

I had the bright idea that I could cycle Luther to preschool.  I’d have enough time to get him there and get back before my train… I just needed a bike and something to put him in.  Lo and behold, last week I got my hands on a FREE BIKE!  It also turns out that some of our friends have a kid trailer you attach to the back of a bike that they would let us try out.

Brilliant!  I love it when a plan comes together!

Today was the inaugural trip and it went… ummm… unexpectedly.  I think we can all agree that the idea of me biking all the way to Alfriston was always going to be unrealistic.  So… how far did I make it before I wanted to die?  Well, I couldn’t measure exactly and I’m not that great in judging distances but just kind of roughly estimating it I’d say I made it… to the train station.

In my defense, I haven’t ridden a bike in about 15 years and I had no idea how my gears worked.  It also turned out the gears are pretty messed up and only a few were working.

So the train goes by and we’re back up and on the move.  I made it to the Berwick Way and almost all the way up the (very tiny) hill until I thought I was going to throw up.  I ended up straddling my bike and waddling it up the hill.  Andrew took pity on me and started pushing on the trailer to get me up the hill.  Once up there it was smooth sailing back down and almost to the end the Berwick way.  At this point I thought I was definitely going to throw up so Andrew took over.  I used this opportunity to just lay down on the wet pavement.

Andrew takes over

(Andrew was kind enough to leave me his boy-style bike. However, I should point out that he’s much taller than I am so to just straddle his bike I’m up on my ballerina tippy toes but still getting molested by the “man bar”)

Back up and I’m no longer towing any kids so yippee!  Made it back up the top of the aforementioned hill before needing another break. (Ack!  see man bar, above.)  After that I ended up catching up with Andrew and the kids at the train station where I got another break. (Ack!  see man bar, above.)  After the train left it was smooth sailing home.

So what did I learn?  (1)  I have no idea how I can be this unfit yet still alive  (2)  I’m glad I didn’t shell out any money to test this out, and (3)  if Andrew and I ever get divorced I’m keeping his bike.







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