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  • Halloween


    During the day: Trick or treating: And my favourite guest:

  • I am definitely going to die.

    I am definitely going to die.

    Andrew and I are still trying to work out the balance now that I’ve started my new crazy-hours job.  Unfortunately it means Andrew spends many hours each week just driving to drop the kids off and pick them up which is also impacting the hours he’s able to spend in the office.  On Thursdays and…

  • Happiness

    I’m never going to be 100% happy, no matter what I do… and that’s just soul-crushing. I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. I always said that I wanted to move back to America when Luther got to be about 5 so that he could go to school there. I love where I grew…

  • The back yard

    The back yard

    Since Andrew will upload photos to twitter but not here (even though shozu can send to our blog with the touch of ONE button) it’s obviously up to me!  ;-P You’ll notice there is a strip missing in the middle.  Unfortunately we have a rather stubborn concrete path and we need to hire a breaker…

  • Spring has sprung-ed

    Spring has sprung-ed

    So purdy…

  • Dirty girl…

    Dirty girl…

    We’ve started work on the garden. We’ve pulled up all the turf and are rotovating/rototilling. Then we rake and lay new turf! Here are a few (filthy) photos. More to follow.

  • General musings

    General musings

    At the bottom of our garden is nothing but fields and we’ve had it filled to the brim with sheep recently. Andrew took a couple of really cute photos: Mom lookin’ snazzy with her new haircut. It’s not a hair bow — it’s a stinging nettle leaf… but doesn’t she look cute??

  • Brickyard walk

    Brickyard walk

    Andrew, Luther and I decided to go for a walk the other day. There is an old brickyard nearby where all the bricks for the houses in the village were produced. It has long since been abandoned but apparently you can still see the dilapidated kilns, etc. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find them —…