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  • Baby got back

    I did a music video at my old work’s AGM with two of my colleagues, Amy (right) and Claire (left).  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I got a huge round of applause when I was done…. probably because I seemed to be the only one who knew the lyrics to the…

  • Halloween


    During the day: Trick or treating: And my favourite guest:

  • According to Rosie.

    According to Rosie.

    Rosie and Daddy were watching Monsters v. Aliens when this insectosaurus came on the TV. Rosie squealed and said, “Momma!” Thanks, babe. Love you too.

  • Stage fright

    I never used to get nervous at interviews. I just used to think, “Welllll if I don’t get it, I don’t get it.” (That being said, until the age of 30 I got every job I ever applied for.) Now I panic as an interview approaches. It feels like stage fright (which is odd since…

  • 2010 album

    Our photobook for 2010.  (Hm…  Didn’t seem to put the cover on the book, but oh well — you’ll get the idea!) As always, click on it to see it bigger. [issuu width=550 height=241 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=110926100343-1a3a24eab47a4269a0510b33cedf7ff4 name=2010_book username=lisacollington tag=collington unit=px id=3463a484-7b3b-186c-9847-84a7aca84372 v=2]

  • The wedding album is done!

    and it only took a year… If for some reason you would like to purchase this album, it can be found here* (*link now fixed!)

  • Daddy’s birthday!

    Daddy’s birthday!

    Cake is a joke from More photos here:

  • Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

  • Rozalynd – photos from hospital

    Rozalynd Jean Collington 17 March 2010,  6lbs 1.5oz,  19 inches

  • Pooh sticks!

    Pooh sticks!

    Luther and I went to the Hundred Acre Wood today and played Pooh sticks on the Pooh Bridge.  (Honestly, I’m not making this up! …) At the heart of Pooh Country you will find “The Enchanted Places”. Christopher Milne first called them the Enchanted Places in his book of the same name published in 1974.…