Our children (potentially)

So my friend Meghan sent me some photos of what her future children could look like.  I’m sure she won’t mind me saying they were fugly!!  So obviously I had to go see how ugly my kids would/should be.  (They didn’t actually turn out too bad, but I used much better photos than Meghan… bless […]

The well has run dry

Unfortunately, breast feeding just isn’t going well. Luke hasn’t been gaining weight fast enough and some weeks he even lost weight. It got to the point where we were referred to a specialist who effectively said he’s malnourished and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s well hydrated she would have admitted him into […]

I’m sure to win parent of the year

So today I locked Luther in the car; and I don’t mean for his protection. I mean, I’m outside of the locked car staring at my baby and my keys. The long and the short of it is that I dropped the keys while closing the rear door and it locked. Needless to say I […]

I hate being a new mother. (My PPD story)

Disclaimer: horribly personal info. (I really mean it.) Let me start by saying I’ve never been broody. I haven’t spent much time around babies and when I did see them, my uterus didn’t twinge, I didn’t go “awwww” and I certainly didn’t want to smell them. As a matter of fact, it just flat out […]

Bringing up baby

There is a very interesting programme on the tv right now — it’s a 4-part series called bringing up baby.  It’s following 6 families who are adhering to 3 different parenting theories.  The blurb on the website is: “To try and make sense of it all, we’ve taken three of the most influential baby handbooks […]