As I mentioned in this post getting the house in order is a top priority before the baby gets here.  Because I’m in crazy nesting mode things are going well.  We’re currently doing the FlyLady system and even Andrew is on board, which is lovely.

My main complaint with FlyLady, however, is the website and the ability to find information.  It’s chock full of it, but it’s not the most systematically organised.  You may may even say it’s cluttered.  Oh the irony.  So mainly in order to help me out and find the information I want, I am putting this up as a quick reference.

Flylady beginner baby steps – – laid out in one document so I don’t have to keep going back.  Very useful as I’m not doing things in order so the tick box on the first page lets me mark when I’ve done something.  Point to note:  MUST remember not to rush through these.  It seems like it’s going really slow sometimes but honestly just do one per day.

How to Swish and swipe – this needs to be done daily to each bathroom and if it takes more than 2 minutes (after the first big clean) then I’m doing it wrong.  I’ve made it to be printed, double-sided, to keep in the bathroom.  Please note that one has the extra line for wiping the black shelf — that’s for the downstairs toilet.

How to Declutter – Flylady recommends spending 15-minutes every day to declutter.  Here are some of her tools on how to declutter.  It also give info on hot-spots, etc. which are part of my control journal.

My Routines – this is the start of my control journal.  These are my routines (although they are constantly evolving) and a few helpful notes.

Home Maintenance Control Journal – this is a document directly from Flylady — I’ve just made it with a click-able index and a bit more… um… clean to read.  (I’ve not even read this one myself yet!)


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  3. Elaine Avatar

    I LOVE the way you have set up the babysteps, routines, etc. Thank you for sharing; I always thought I would do the babysteps if only they were laid out better so now I have no excuse.

  4. atha Julian Avatar

    I have missed Fly Lady!!!!! I use to faithfully followed her from way back on WEB-TV. Thank goodness they had a story in our news paper and I rememberd.

  5. Angel Avatar

    Thank You!!! I’ve wanted to start but I struggled with the layout of the information on her site. I was having a hard time. I thank you and my home thanks you.

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