According to Rosie.

Rosie and Daddy were watching Monsters v. Aliens when this insectosaurus came on the TV. Rosie squealed and said, “Momma!” Thanks, babe. Love you too.

Weekly Digest for September 10th

Yes, we played a lot of Torchlight. We’re broke and it entertains us… don’t judge… Mr. Judgey Judgerson.  :-P~

Weekly Digest for June 18th

Lisa Luther woke up and came to my side of the bed. In my effort to get out I actually FELL out and knocked him over! Making up for it by using the last of our cinema vouchers to take him to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Facebook Syndication Error

Weekly Digest for June 11th

Lisa Liking your own Facebook status is like high-fiving yourself in public. Unlocked 4 achievements. Duke Nukem Forever — Nobody Likes a Whiner Duke Nukem Forever — Drawrings Duke Nukem Forever — One-Eyed Freak Duke Nukem Forever — Turd Burglar Lisa Job interview next week. Shhhhh. Unlocked 4 achievements. Duke Nukem Forever — Flagon of […]

Weekly Digest for May 28th

Unlocked Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days — Death Sentence. Lisa Why anyone would wear a skirt or dress on a day like today is behind me. Perhaps they’re channelling Marilyn Monroe but they don’t pull it off as well. No, I don’t want to see your knickers, thank you. Lisa Sentence of the day: […]