Dirty girl…

We’ve started work on the garden. We’ve pulled up all the turf and are rotovating/rototilling. Then we rake and lay new turf! Here are a few (filthy) photos. More to follow.

Luther’s First Birthday

Here are some photos from our Birthday/Housewarming party.  These are by no means all and I’ll try to post some more later. He’s actually watching tv, I’m ashamed to say (it IS BabyTV) … but how cute is he??? Click for more! –>

It’s so big when you look at it like that

Andrew and I sat down and wrote a list out of the things we need to do on the house. (Unfortunately) this is not an exhaustive list as we’re always thinking of other things to do (like plant our potatoes)… If you have any particular skill and would like a free meal feel free to […]

You’re in the country now…

You know you’re in the country when you look out of your kitchen window and see this in your front garden… and I love it!!

YAY! — whoops!

We exchange contracts on Monday – should have the keys by 1st of February. YAY!!Whoops! We didn’t actually exchange until Thursday but we will get the keys on Tuesday, 29th of January! VERY EXCITING! If you’re free that weekend, please feel free to come over and help us move! Just as an FYI — probably […]

We lost the house… (de ja vu)

We just couldn’t agree on a price for the works needed. Oh well… We’re still selling this place, however, and we’ll be moving out in mid-November (and in with the in-laws). Not sure where we’ll go from here, but everything happens for a reason!! (I need to keep saying this as my mantra.) —————— In […]